Stem Glasses – Cognac Anyone?

Cognac fanatics perceive that it is likely one of the world’s most subtle drinks and has an rigid manufacturing normal, plus an intensive custom of superiority. Cognac is consumed by the elite in luxurious rooms as an after dinner aperitif. Cognac, with its lengthy standing conventions, is finest consumed when served in its personal particular vessel, in order that the gradation may be appreciated absolutely.

Historical past

How is cognac made you may ask? Cognac falls below the brandy household, and is a distilled spirit originating from white grapes. The distinction between cognac and brandy is that the latter goes by way of the distillation stage twice and aged in French oak barrels. Cognac’s wonderful manufacturing requirements are very stringent, as it’s mandated by French legal guidelines which dictate the type of grapes utilized and the precise location the place they’re reaped. The manufacturing and ageing of Cognac will set up its categorization. Cognac is and can lengthy proceed to be, one of the costly drinks in the entire world, and there are solely particular glasses from which this golden surprise ought to be consumed from.


Cognac specialists would soundly suggest that it’s consumed with glasses formed like tulips. A tulip glass is a vessel that flowers into an expansive bell, which then arches inwards close to the aperture earlier than blooming barely on the circumference. This particular form permits the capitalization of the outside of the drink, which can then attain the nostril and palate. This additionally permits full benefit of the Cognac’s aroma and style, giving the drinker an nearly heady expertise.


One other Cognac glass which is extensively used, albeit not very a lot favored by skilled Cognac drinkers, is the balloon vessel. This vessel is extra popularly known as a brandy snifter or simply plain snifter. The form of the balloon glass is known as having a stout stem with a big bell on the base that opens out for the preliminary first third of the bell earlier than inclining easily on the summit. The balloon glass, very similar to the tulip glass, is made in order that the cognac’s notes and aromas may be liberated, whereas the minuter opening is supposed to permeate the nostril with its scent. The balloon glass or snifter may be very a lot used all over the place, though doesn’t have the identical distinction because the tulip glass.


True cognac devotees are adamant that cognac have to be consumed strictly by itself, both taken ‘neat’ (by itself with mo ice or combination) or with some ice to be able to relish its true worth. Cognac have to be taken at room temperature. Nonetheless, cognac may be mixed with each alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks and consumed in different glasses when that is accomplished. For example, cognac may be topped with glowing water in a cocktail glass. As bartenders give you extra attention-grabbing methods to serve drinks, cognac may also be blended with orange juice or lemonade.


In the event you shouldn’t have any tulip or brandy snifters, you may serve cognac in different glasses. Wine glasses is usually a substitute if nobody objects. It’s all as much as the buyer truly; some truly do wish to sip cognac from a cocktail glass.

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